License FAQ


Temporal limitation?Link

Does a temporal limitation for the use of ActiveBarcode exist? Does the license need to be renewed any time?
No, the use of the software is not delimited in time.

New lic fileLink

IF there is a new version and with it a new LIC-file available: What does this mean for the programs I have compiled since then with the older LIC-file?
ActiveBarcode is fully backward compatible - this means that your older programs (exe-files) that you have compiled with an older LIC-file will run without problems together with the new ActiveBarcode control. You do not need to recompile them. But if you want to use the new ActiveBarcode version for development or if you have used ActiveBarcode together with the LIC-file (for example for Access97 applications), you will need to update to the new LIC-file because the old license does not allow you to run the new version in this way.


I have purchased the Standard Edition and would like to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition. Is that possible? What does it cost?
Yes, it's no problem. Please read our instructions at Software upgrade.

Trial versionLink

I have tested the trial version. Now it shows that it's expired. What can I do?
The trial version has expired. You need to buy a license. You can choose from different options. Once a license is installed, the expired warning will disappear. Or you can uninstall the software from your system (Windows control panel-> software) at any time.

Extend the test periodLink

My trial pahse has expired. Can you extend it?
Unfortunately, the trial period cannot be extended for technical reasons. Nevertheless, you could install the software on another computer and start a new trial period and try out again whether ActiveBarcode meets your requirements.