Support / FAQ


General topics

  • Misc
    General questions about ActiveBarcode.
  • Generator
    All about the ActiveBarcode Generator.
  • Control
    Questions about the ActiveX Control, which do not concern other applications like Word.
  • Command line
    Questions about the command line or console tool 'ActiveBarcodeCLI'
  • Installation
    Questions about the installation of ActiveBarcode.
  • Online-Shop
    Questions about the Online-Shop.
  • Licenses
    Questions about liceses. What is allowed and what is forbidden?
  • Trial Version
    FAQ about the trial version.
  • Barcode types
    Questions about the different barcode types.

Sofware (Office, development environments)

  • Word
    Questions about the usage of ActiveBarcode with Word.
  • Excel
    Questions about the usage of ActiveBarcode with Excel.
  • Access
    Questions about the usage of ActiveBarcode with Access.
  • Visual Studio & Visual Basic
    Questions about the usage of ActiveBarcode with Visual Studio & Visual Basic.
  • Delphi
    Questions about the usage of ActiveBarcode with Borland Delphi.
  • Internet
    Questions about IIS, Apache, ASP, PHP.
  • Other Software
    Questions about other software, e.g. Crystal Report.

Notes for older versions of ActiveBarcode

Support via e-mail:

We can also help by e-mail Please be sure, you have already read our support pages (FAQ) before you contact us by e-mail. This is the only way we can help fast and efficient.

Technical questions preferred by e-mail

We offer support with the product Activebarcode preferably by e-mail.

The product and it's possibilities of usage are so varied that we impossibly can offer a competent telephone support. Each problem and each inquiry is absolutely different. Hence, you receive competent support directly from the developers only by e-mail.

Think about this:
  • ActiveBarcode can be placed in many environments (e.g., Access, Excel, Word, C ++, Visual BASIC, Delphi, Internet etc.). Besides, these environments are used in different product versions which themselves partially also are different (e.g., Access). A question to a developing environment is of completely different kind than one question to an office product.
  • You can use ActiveBarcode in the many different ways (e.g., by macro, as an object, as graphics etc.).
  • Different hardware environments (e.g., printer) react differently.
  • ActiveBarcode supports many different barcode types.

We must understand your individual problem or your individual question. This needs time - sometimes more, sometimes less - but it does make telephone support impossible, as you expect a quick comprehensive response there.

But, we also like to try to answer your questions by phone. English or German language only, please. Call us on weekdays between noon and 6pm under the following number: +49 1523 7214176
(We are located in the time zone UTC + 1, Germany/Europe).